SKOFR: Some Kind of Fire Rose (Singer-Songwriter duo Lisette van Zwieten & Gijs Hietkamp

Some Kind Of Fire Rose (Lisette van Zwieten & Gijs Hietkamp) started their duo in 2013. They immediately moved the audience with their poetic and honest songs. After their successful theatre play "Breekbaar" (Fragile) they decided to take their music to a bigger stage. Some Kind Of Fire Rose brings passion and joy wherever they play.

Some Kind Of Fire Rose has been performing at Delft Fringe, The Hague International Singer Songwriter Festival (THISSFest), Den Haag FM, Universe Radio, Magneet Festival, Acoustic Alley and many other venues and living rooms.

At this moment their songs ‘Breekbaar’ and ‘Clouds’ have been nominated for four Singer-Songwriter THISSAwards in the categories: fans’ choice song of the year 2013, best recorded performance guitar & voice, best non-English language song, and best live performance video duo or group. Announcements will be made January 18th 2014 at the Supermarkt The Hague. In honor of this event we’ve published our first EP named THISSAwards. On this EP you will find our nominated songs and a live version of ‘Let’s make love’.

For more information, upcoming performances and the latest videos, check out: (in Dutch).

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